Hey there, Welcome to my website!
My name is James Hair and I am a 3D artist in the video games industry. I am currently working at Hunted Cow Studios in Elgin, Scotland.

I had wanted to get into video game development since an early age, I started out by writing my own games on a BBC Microcomputer! This hobby soon evolved into a passion when I got my first proper computer ( a 486, 24Meg of RAM baby! ) which could run Half-Life and allowed me to make my own custom maps. Years of academic underachievment followed as I slaved away infront of the Worldcraft level editing tool.

In 2003 I discovered a degree course at Southampton Solent University which sought to teach people like me how to turn their passion into a career. On the course I learned how to model, texture, rig and animate as well as gaining insight into the video games industry.

Upon graduating in 2006 ( with a borderline 1st ( hey, it's still a 1st! )) I jumped at the first job I was offered. For the next three years I worked at a company called Broadsword Interactive in Aberystwyth; Wales, until they went into administration in 2009. Broadsword was a great opportunity to hone the skills I had learnt at university and I had the pleasure to work with some fantastic people.

In the second half of 2009 the picture was looking bleak. Made redundant at the start of a global recession where would I turn in this, the darkest of times? Far and wide did my CV travel through the perilous caverns of cyberspace until it emerged wearily in the distant north of Scotland! And so I undertook my current position as a 3D Artist at Hunted Cow Studios in Elgin.

I don't know how many jobs there are that I would move around this much for. But I think when you find something that you enjoy doing so much ( and aren't all that bad at ) it's worth a sacrifice or two.
There's not alot I'd rather be doing than playing and making great games.

   - James 'l3fty' Hair.