James Hair - Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Statement:

I have enjoyed playing video games all my life, from early classics like Frontier Elite to modern hits such as Left 4 Dead. Some time after buying the original Half-Life I stumbled across the Worldcraft level editor. Since that moment playing video games has been second only to making them! I decided shortly after that the games industry was one I wanted to be a part of.

Through making modifications for Half-Life 1 & 2 I gained an understanding of many areas of game development inlcuding level design, programming, modelling and animation. This complemented my course at university which focused on animation and game design theory. I continue to produce my own game ideas and develop new skills in my spare time.

I greatly enjoy working with people towards a common goal and am an excellent team player. I am able to give and recieve art direction where required, I pick up new techniques fast and I can help other team members when they need assistance. I am very good at communicating with code, art and design teams; my understanding of their specialities helps me liaise with them efficiently and identify problems quickly.

I am looking to advance my career in the games industry and feel I am ready for a senior role. I can bring alot to the table through ideas, techniques and motivation. I wish to work in a studio where I can realize my potential to contribute to making some fantastic video games.

Industry Experience:

October 2009 to Present:
Senior Artist Hunted Cow Studios - Elgin, Scotland (3D Artist)
I joined Hunted Cow Studios in October 2009 as a 3D Artist. I have been working on their upcoming 3D browser based MMORPG called Eldevin. In my time at Hunted Cow I have produced dozens of creatures, props and environments for Eldevin, Including some large group instances. Many of my models have been presented on the Eldevin website as project updates. I was promoted to Senior Artist in October 2011, with the responsibility of looking after the art team, providing feedback and assigning art tasks.

August 2006 to September 2009:
3D Artist Broadsword Interactive Ltd. - Aberystwyth, Wales (3D Artist)
Soon after graduating university in 2006 I secured a position as a general 3D artist at Broadsword Interactive, a video game developer on the west coast of Wales. My responsibilities there included 2D and 3D art, animation and level design. I became an invaluable member of the art team at Broadsword, routinely solving any art problems which arose. I was also regularly tasked with looking after junior members of the art team. In my time at Broadsword I worked on titles for the Wii, PS2, DS and PC.

Summer 2005:
Movie Scripting Lionhead Studios - Guildford, England (Work Placement)
During the summer of 2005 before my final year of university I attended a 6 week placement at Lionhead Studios creating scripts for their game 'The Movies'. I worked as part of a small team which was responsible for creating hundreds of scripts which would appear in the game as preset movie sequences. We completed all the tasks set for us on-time and were credited in the finished game.


September 2003 to July 2006 - Southampton Solent University
BA ( First Class Hons ) Computer & Video Games.
In 2006 I Graduated from Southampton Solent University with a first class degree in Computer & Video Games. During the course I studied 3D modelling, animation and game design theory. The course was run by film animation and games industry veterans and was highly insightful into those industries. The skills I learnt greatly prepared me for my first industry position.

September 1999 to July 2001 - Tauntons College, Southampton
A-Levels in Graphics, Computing and Electronics.
After leaving school with good GCSE's I went to college to further my interests in graphics and technology. The skills I learnt here would give me a good grounding for my future in the games industry. Especially computing as it gave me an insight into programming and software development.

Software Proficiency:

Autodesk 3DS Max (Versions 4 to 2010) - Expert, 7 years experience.
Adobe Photoshop - Expert, 7 Years experience.
Valve Hammer Editor (Worldcraft) - Expert, 7 years experience.
Microsoft Visual Studio (C++) - 3 Years experience.
Adobe After Effects - 3 Years experience.
Autodesk Maya - Basic proficiency.
Mudbox - Basic proficiency.


In my spare time I enjoy playing, designing and making video games; especially anything in sci-fi or fantasy genres. I also enjoy watching films, reading, cycling, playing guitar and socializing with friends.

References available upon request.