Here is a small selection of images from various projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Click the thumbnails for larger versions. Please email me for more work samples and information.

Most of my spare time lately I have spent on making small games in the Unity3D game engine. It's amazingly fun to be able to realize a new game mechanic in the space of a few hours. Already having art production skills has allowed me to focus on learning the programming side of things. I've tackled some pretty technical aspects already, including implementing A* pathfinding, procedural level generation and even networking. Soon I will be releasing my first mobile/tablet game 'Arcwar' on iOS and Android.

These images show characters and environments I have created for Eldevin. Eldevin is a 3D broswer base MMORPG being created by Hunted Cow Studios. I have great fun working on Eldevin; the passion of the whole team to make a great product is hugely inspiring. Though we have quite low poly and texture limitations, we manage to make the engine do some very pretty things. Every day is a challenge, but a rewarding one!
Eldevin is due for release in November 2013.

These 2D stylised aircraft were produced by me for a friends indy game project. The large airship was great fun to paint in photoshop and was used as the games first boss encounter.

These characters are from my personal game project called Robots Vs Aliens. I made a working alpha of the game which ran on Valve software's Source engine. It was a great break from the realistic styles I was using during the day for projects at Broadsword. Creating the characters, props and environments for Robots Vs Aliens taught me quite alot about how to implement cartoony styles in a AAA engine.

The image on the left shows some of the venue environments and musical instruments which I produced for Popstar Guitar, one of the last games I worked on at Broadsword Interactive (and one of the few which got released!). I enjoyed creating the environments the most, as the poly count we were initially given gave us alot of room to be creative. They rendered up quite nicely too.

Warcry: Fantasy Battles was my personal project which I started during my time at university. It was my first serious attempt to make a complete, functional game. I created all the character models and environments for Warcry, as well as delving into the Source engine code base to create the game logic. The peak of my efforts culminated in a playtest with a group of friends. It was fantastic to have a whole group of people playing and enjoying something I had created.

For my final university project I worked with two other students to create Airborn. Airborn was a 3rd person platfrom game built on the Source engine. For Airborn I produced one of the two main characters (the bear shown here) as well as a myriad of props and environment models. I also used my knowledge of source engine programming to create the basic gameplay elements we required for the game to work. Our team achieved a first for all our efforts on the final project.